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 Good Application Guide

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PostSubject: Good Application Guide   Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:29 pm

Hi everyone.

Im a 21 year old student currently residing in West Field. Currently attending West Wood University .

Ive been playing navyfield for the past 3 years on and off. Due to ISP Problems the game would continuously "freeze" every 10 seconds when i was playing. I found this difficult to continue to play the game, so i quit. Now with a new ISP, i am able to play again \o/.

Previous fleets? Well i was in BlackSun for a good few months. I was apart of a few Harbour assaults. Great fun. hoping to be apart of somthing as epic as that again =D.

Progression line. Hmm. Well currently i have a Repulse (BO 66) and a Illustrious RN CV (BO 79). I used to have a full complement of high level fighters and bombers (Level 90 +), but sadly they were lost during my haistus from navyfield. (got hacked, Lost my prized sailors, They were deemed unrecoverable by GMs) But sadly now im down to 3 Torp bombers @ level 55 and 1 fighter squadren @ level 79 *BVE*. I aim to rebuild my RN Carrier line at a later date. My BB Line currently has 2x level 78 gunners BVE, but again, due to the account hack, i lost my Engineers / Restorers.

I am currently working on a new Line, Kreigsmarine Sub and later onto BB / CV. =) Currently my Sub crew is at level 35, and i plan to grind away till i am able to use the Second Level of subs. But moving on.

Why i want to join Phoenix

Well from my experiences in Navyfield, i like to play with "mature" people. I dont like hanging around the kiddy crowd who scream "LOOOL PWNED YOU. DIE" after they have just torpedoed you with a kitakuma (yes ive seen this countless times). From my dealings with Heretics, the members have always played on a professional level with a high level respect to their fellow heretics and fellow navyfielders. This is somthing id like to be apart of (as i was when leet was still around). Also being a close friend of Redqueen (for somthing like 9 years) helps when picking your next fleet

I have read the Code of conduct and i agree to abide by them.

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Good Application Guide
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